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It’s really important that patients take a proactive approach towards their treatment and recovery. As therapists, we are responsible for mobilization, rehabilitation & re-education. We also instruct and guide patients as to how best to complete their exercises. As a patient you are thus responsible for making sure that you work on your exercises at home consistently, as your success rate for recovery depends on the two elements (patient and therapist) harmoniously working together.

Blindly following a list of standard exercises serves no purpose whatsoever, as the exercises only become useful when they have been adapted to your particular situation and can be completed correctly. Both the quality of the exercises themselves and how they are done play a key role. Monitoring and exact explanation are provided here at the practice. So the exercises available on our site are intended as a reminder and a source of stimulation.


Enjoy your exercises…


Bart & Roel

Please note that the section “exercises” is continually being updated and expanded, which means you’ll be able to find a lot more in the future.